About The Platter Share

Hi, I’m Rachelle ( also known as Shall). A food obsessed wine connoisseur and lover-of-all-things-art.

I grew up here in Otago on one of those beautiful postcard southern sheep farms.  My Mum had (and still does) the most amazing floral and vegetable garden and I began my foodie career helping her harvest to make jams, pickles chutneys and relishes further developing it into a lucrative business of selling them along side plums, eggs, walnuts and whatever I could forage down by our mail box..  My foodie career and entrepreneur skills have progressed a bit since then but actually some of those recipes are still the same and can be found on every platter and table. ‘ Just make it from scratch’ has always been my thing.

I spent my twentys traveling, studying and developing my passion for food and art from all over the world. I always knew all roads would lead to home which is exactly where I was drawn back too when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2017 and while on maternity leave The Platter Share was also born.

Working together with my small passionate team of foodies and with the addition of our custom built mobile kitchen we have been able to create a catering company that is unique and diverse, catering for the big weddings, private dining to the smallest of boutique intimate events. 

You’ll find me most at home in the kitchen, or out exploring this beautiful area with my little daughter, Lucie. It is such a pleasure to share something I love to do, somewhere I love to live.

Happy Grazing!