About the Platter Share

Hi, I’m Shall. A self-confessed foodie, wine connoisseur and lover-of-all-things-art.

I first visualised the Platter Share while living and working in the Canadian Rockies. Fast-forward a few years and I’m back in my hometown making it all happen. Growing up here, my childhood was coloured with the experience of fruit picking, berry picking, and living off the land. My mum had the most amazing vegetable garden and I remember helping her make jams, pickles chutneys and relish – many of these recipes I still use today.

I’ve always been obsessed with the vibrant colours of home-grown produce, and experiencing the joy when they come alive as something different in the kitchen. While we’re on the topic of obsession, I’m passionate about good food, colour and the way it’s presented – for me an empty plate is like a blank canvas – I get a thrill every time I create my edible art. You’ll find me most at home in the kitchen, or out exploring this beautiful area.

It is simply a pleasure to share something I love to do, somewhere I love to live. With my very own company The Platter Share. Happy Grazing!

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