The Creative Kitchen

 Our beautiful mobile kitchen is truly something special and born out of necessity, hard work and the passion to deliver something just a little bit different.

 Creating bespoke experiences and fabulous food, is at the heart of who we are and our mobile kitchen is no exception. As with everything we do here at The Platter Share, we built this kitchen from scratch and chose to create something truly special and extraordinary in the process.

 I would be lying if I said that building a mobile kitchen was something I wanted to do, but the more I researched food trucks and options for commercial kitchens, I quickly came to the conclusion that there was only one choice – we had to design and build it ourselves!

We purpose built the the floors, walls and then the chiller, painstakingly sanded and refurbished, the cedar windows and door, and moulded recycled cedar to cover the aluminium extrusions for an authentic look.

 The benches are raw edge slab-cut macrocarpa, with rebated stainless steel for a commercial finish, and the cabinetry inside is painted in a colourful teal blue, re-creating the look of a beautiful rustic style country kitchen I was raised in.

 The inner workings of the kitchen are just as impressive, with a full six burner falcon oven and a 2500L walk-in chiller.  She is fully engineered and built to commercial kitchen standards, with both fresh and grey water tanks and is completely plumbed, gas and electric certified.

 Like everything we do at The Platter Share, she’s a work of art and ‘ made from scratch’, allowing us to have the flexibility to create amazing food experiences no matter the location.