The Deluxe Grazing Table

Winners of the 2019 national ‘platter off’ award – New Zealand’s best grazing table

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 Designed as a gourmet nibbles option. The perfect choice for your post wedding ceremony canapés or any event where you want to provide beautiful grazing but not a whole meal.

Presentation and creating a visually stunning spread is what we do best, but we also ensure everything tastes as beautiful as it looks.

We price per head for our events rather than per meter so you know exactly how much food you are getting and it gives us creative freedom to design your table as big, wide, high or compacted as you like. Height, tiers, personality and drama, we salute! Our packages includes everything from the set up & pack down, food styling, eco plates & napkins, floral & foliage to all the beautiful items from our huge inventory of styling accessories and of course the perfect amount of delicious gourmet food for each guest.

Why choose us?

We house make and locally source wherever we can!

From growing our own herbs to batch making all condiments, dips & spreads, our tables are full of love and flavour. 

We even hand make Italian pressed floral crackers, craft the chocolates and smoke the salmon…

We believe this is what sets us apart. 

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